суббота, 4 марта 2017 г.

New haiku

spring arrives
pushing and shoving
at the border cold

heavy clouds
on the other line.
such day today.

a lightning flash
on the power line
" fake news"

autumn song
irritate by the sounds
on the asphalt

blooms across
just above the horizon
a slice of moon

old aged
a few more

the sleet
the smudge of a path
color of spring

daybreak -
at the back gate,

how silently
drops by drops
 an icicle

spring day --
softened state dirt
on my shoes

my arguments
I hum in the key
of spring wind

shows clearly
spring begins with dirt
on my shoes

exotic dancers parade
until dawn

several million
hottest party of the year -
Rio Carnival.

half-hidden  from the eyes
the first crocus

spring frost.
an icicle hangs
from my nose

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