суббота, 29 апреля 2017 г.

spring mood (haiku)

pen and ink
all I want to do
write the haiku

spring is in the air
all I want to do
write the haiku

fresh grass
are becoming  popular
poetry assemblies

quiet April night
soaring through sky
the crescent

conch shell
I still feel there
smell of sea

New haiku

spring sunshine
full of smiles
and I

from earth to sky
with ghosts again

new taste.
It's raining champagne
I've taste it ...

a beam of lIght....
just adds a smile
on my face

baby quilts
fresh fabrics
for spring

New spring haiku

the bush willow
sweet breath of spring
with every kidney

spring ramble...
scent of the sleet
on my path

young magpie
practises its song -
summer morning

cleansing  taunt                                                                                                                                    of springtime

our office workers
in freckles