вторник, 14 февраля 2017 г.

Valentine's Day (new haiku)

Valentine's Day
hope to fall in love
nevertheless ..

Valentine's Day
again this morning
miso soup

three words of love
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
full notes of love
of  thaw

I write haiku
little rays of light
this long winter

this Valentine
tonight every star
points to love

воскресенье, 12 февраля 2017 г.

New haiku

unseen has become
the visible

from the horse's breath
to flutter

the memory of wind
in frozen mist

the setting sun
a sense that I realized
path to truth.

early morning
a cock's insistent cry
between cuckoo

New haiku

wake up world,
not migrant children
just children.

groundhog day
everything you ever wanted
to know

before I
my dog sniffs up
first snowdrop

path to truth.
my parrot yelling out
front of the TV

my parrot lifts up
its voice

New haiku

mimicking the song
hoarse on the frost
a dog barking

voices  night
two owls transmit
last news

a new song
on frozen leaves
melting ice

rising sun
grows a garden in
lace shade

a new month –
on the my dog’s ears
new snowflakes

New haiku

new day !
doing something else
doing something

finally the time
writing haiku

all old
is anew new -
except me

the cold night -
through a  doorway
rows of icicles

my nose
drooping on frost

New haiku

a wisp of sweat
it is in my soup
much of pepper

Thai food
step in side of flavor
much of pepper

year of the rooster
Men’s Fashion
with dissent

fashion week -
throngs of well-dressed
on  sidewalks.

day whiskey !
isn't it time to try
something new