вторник, 25 января 2011 г.

The night go away-
Relaxed light of the clouds
Hi the sun

Shiny lightning
Then silence breaking
Sky emotion

The night go away
With her the sleepless time
And pain

воскресенье, 23 января 2011 г.

A winter wonderland
Under a snow cover-
And so till the spring

In front of my eyes
Snowflake glistens as a diamond
And melts on your face

Sun and snow
Fairy music of winter
Its inspires

суббота, 22 января 2011 г.

A floes -
Moonlight in night
Is moving

Under a snow cover
Soon will waking,but
We can't prevent it all

Darkness surrounds
The hope is hidden by a wall
Of misunderstandings

четверг, 20 января 2011 г.


Mad moon
Next to a bed
The loud dog snores

Disturbs my sleep
A cold mask of moon
And gloomy thoughts

Wherever we are
Two loving hearts
My french dog and I

среда, 19 января 2011 г.


Cat shadow
Catching the light
On the windowsill

Purring cat
Through window
Perceives the moon

the candle flickering-
dreamy eyes

вторник, 18 января 2011 г.

Side by side
In bed two warm bodies-
Each night for love

In conjunction
With cold constellations
My illusions

The sophistication of dawn
Light gathers in the icicles
A translucency


a dark frozen sky
one cold night still
in the sparrows's story

One amongst silence
With wanting to look at
The moonlight

Mysterious moon
Shades among the trees-
All enraptures

воскресенье, 16 января 2011 г.

star haze and
old moon say to us,
we aren't lonely

Reverie -
Look meet through window
With Milky Way

Milky Way
Passes through my window
Cosmic spider web

Over horizon
A dancing flame
Falling sun

In the solar morning
Together with own shade
Again on walk

Time moves
Even in the sky the moon
Became more senior

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

Early morning
Light first gathers
On the icicles

the long night
inside the darkened house
a voice of wind

an inverted cloud
caught in each raindrop
lost thoughts

Morning grey
On the sky a pale moon
And silhouettes

Returning sun –
Good-bye loneliness
The glitter of snow

On horizon
The lake edge merges
With the sky

четверг, 13 января 2011 г.

Among faerie of winter-
Wings of night

New moon
Long night without a break
wisdom quest

So frozen
Icicles like fingers
Winter pranks

понедельник, 10 января 2011 г.

White waves
Like whiter than ices-
North sea

wintry dawn
hearing the sounds of frost

is long stored
sound of birds and aroma flowers
in summer memories -

воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

Fair of miracles
On the window pane-
Melting ice

the child in me-
the snow's funny song
the snowman

In Christmas Eve
Will wake frosty morning
Echo of bells

Christmas Eve

Winter midnight
Will light up on New Year’s tree
Thousand candles

Nobody knows
What on New Year's Eve
Dreams snowflakes

Christmas Eve
Echo frosty air of morning
By church bells ~

Moon on dawn
Is beautiful as always, but
More pale than peonies

Winter evening
In the faint light of sky
Cold smile of moon

in the winter sky
to moods of weather
the polar lights
Through the window
The wise old white owl
And shadows of darkness

Sunny light-
On the window pane
A miracles of happen

With the blizzard
Fills the winter evening


Full moon
Behind the old tree ...
Fantastic sight !

Fair of miracles
On the window pane-
Melting ice

The aroma of
Freshly baked Christmas pie-
Time of Love and Belief