суббота, 17 декабря 2016 г.

New haiku

November -
the children fun catch
first snowflakes

snowbreak -
watching the steam rise
from hot  tea

downpour -
became unusable
bicycle paths

flowers in the rain -
bee finds odor
under my umbrella

the first snow
is of itself..

New haiku

night nightmares -
I am there
but not there

all day rain -
her  hands folded in prayer

summer night ,
the silent prayer
of fireflies

white flies
the ups and downs -
winter storm

moments, moments!
change of mood -
my life with you 

New haiku

all is gone again,
like that dream
of last night

in the seashell
the wind brings the song
of  the sea

that day to
beneath a hat of snow
a snowman's smile

for you the crow
the night must be long...
and lonely

falling snow
and nothing but

New haiku

fainter and fainter !
flickering lights of fireflies

subway station -
he says he still
loves her

 a dreary day
I catch myself in ....
the mood of a haiku.

lottery prize -
even the beggar
buys dreams

autumn wind
hides in the sleeve
of the scarecrow

New haiku

long days.
a spider on the wall
snow outside

summer sun.
a moss on barren stones
feels the warmth

first snowflake
then another and another
and another…?

he has only the moon
to talk  to

Getting older!
shelter from cold winds
winter coat

December weather
she gets so restless.
old bones!

New haiku

just like that!
I'll speak to the moon
face to face.

this snow
by the roadside

a road along
blink in  dusk

new day
fear and doubt
inside of me

a bustling avenue
walking - near
other shadows