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Land of wind and fog (The Commander Islands )

Commander Islands-
on the rim of the Pacific Ocean
jewel of nature

The Commander Islands are the westernmost extension of the Aleutian Islands , though they are separated from the rest of the chain by 207 miles (333 km). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commander_Islands The Commander Islands are situated east of the Kamchatkan Peninsula in the Bering Sea. However in 1825, Aleuts from the Aleutian Islands were relocated to the Commander Islands to expand the Russian fur trade and bolster Russian claims to sovereignty.These first settlers populated both Medney and Bering Islands but today the entire population of about 800 lives in the small village of Nikol'skoye on Bering Island http://heritage-expeditions.com/destination/commander-islands/ The Commander Islands form the westernmost part of the Aleutian islands' arc. This arc can be considered as a connecting link between Asia and North America - a bridge, along which plants and animals were settling apart. Some of them cannot be found anywhere else in Russia… . http://www.nhpfund.org/nominations/commander.html

Pacific Ocean….
land of wind and fog
Commander Islands

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